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April 12, 2018 April 11, 2018 David Nugent
Aintree Racing Festival

As you will probably be more than aware if you are a big fan of horse racing, over in the UK this Saturday is the Grand National race, one of the biggest betting events in Great Britain, however there are several days of racing at Aintree where the Grand National is being run and today is day one of the festival.

The very first race of the Aintree Grand National festival is the 13:45 race today and there are two horses that have a great chance of winning that race and they are Brain Power whose odds are currently 9/4 and the current second favourite to win that being Cyrname and the odds of that horse winning his race are currently 11/4.

The second race of the day is the Aintree 14:20 race and sadly unlike most of the other races being held at Aintree over the next few days this race only has a small field.

However, I do think there are only going to be two horses that do have any realistic chance of winning this race and they include the current favourite to win that being Apple’s Shakira and being favourite the odds of that horse are not that huge as they are currently 13/8.

The second favourite to win that race may have a good chance of overpowering the favourite in the final few furlongs of that race and that horse is We Have A Dream whose odds are around the 2/1 mark currently.

Plenty of Betting Opportunities at Aintree

If you are planning on placing several bets at Aintree later today, then there are plenty of additional betting and wagering opportunities, and as such let me now give you an insight into the next three races that are scheduled to take place after those two listed up above.

In the Aintree 14:50 race there is a very good chance that Might Bite will win that race but the odds on that horse doing so are not going to make you very rich, unless you bet big on it for its odds are just currently 4/6.

In the 15:25 race there is no getting away from the fact that Supasundae has the best chance of winning this race, however that is something that all betting sites and bookmakers also believe for the odds on that horse winning are even money, and a much better proposition may just be My Tent or Yours at odds of 4/1.

The next race of the afternoon is another very open affair as currently the favourite to win the 126:05 race is Grand Vision whose odds are currently 9/2, however those odds may just change for there are plenty of other horses that I do feel have a good chance of winning his race, two of which are Balnaslow at odds of 5/1 and also Wonderful Charm at odds of 6/1.

Last Two Races of the Day

There are some very big fields in all the races at Aintree not only today but over the next few days too, and in the 16:40 race, there are so many runners in that race the favourite is currently on offer at some large odds.

The favourite to win that race if King’s Socks and the current odds on that horse are 9 to 2, however keep in mind that with so many runners in that race it may just be beneficial for you to place an each-way bet if you fancy one of the higher priced horses on the betting markets.

If so the odds you are going to find on offer on the placed part of an each-way bet are one quarter the odds and most betting sites are paying to four placed positions on that part on such a bet.

The last race of day on at Aintree  on Thursday is the 17:15 and there are a few horses that do have a chance of winning and two of them that doe stand out are Ceara Be and Darling Du Large however, I would not put you off betting on any of the horses in the race for it does look like a very open race and any of them taking part in it do have a chance of winning.

Do of course shop around and compare the odds available at several different betting sites for as usual there will be value if you do look around and compare the odds on each horse running in each race.

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