Rocco Commisso Committed to the New York Cosmos

May 24, 2018 May 23, 2018 David Nugent

The New York Cosmos are no longer the force they were on the soccer front, they have now found themselves languishing in the fourth division, and to top their shame they are playing soccer on school grounds instead of a great soccer stadium.

If that team was an alcoholic you could say they have reached rock bottom, and they do say that when that happens it is up to the sufferer to realise that, and that take steps to move forward and address their many problems.

That is something they are hoping to do, for let us not forget that it wasn’t that long-ago players such as Franz Beckenbaur and Pele were attracted to play for them, but those days are long gone, and less than a month ago they played against Boston City and did to be fair manage a 4-0 win, albeit in front of a tiny crowd!

Looking back a few decades back into the 1970’s when the New York Cosmos were at their finest, they would attract crowds of more than 70,000 and that in turn did make them a profitable team, but the cash reserves are now dwindling, if not diminished completely and a new roadmap is needed if the team is to continue.

That is of course something that could happen for the New York Cosmos did attract the cable TV magnate Rocco Commisso to buy into the club last year, and he is hoping with his money he can pump fresh blood into that team who have sadly lost their way.

Rekindling Those Long-Gone Days

Giving his views on why he has chosen to take the majority of shares in that soccer team, Commisso did say that there is not another team in North America that has a reputation like that of the New York Cosmos and he can see the journey to make them great will be a long one, but one he is prepared to invest very heavily in.

It has just been announced that a whopping $500 million is going to be pumped into the club, and half of that money is going to be coming from his own money, so he sure is taking a massive punt on the New York Cosmos and one must wonder if he can see something no other investor can do.

The only real reason one must imagine for him taking the plunge and choosing to invest such a large amount of money whilst at the same time securing the other half of the investment from other investors is that he can see money to be earned from both sponsorship deals and securing television and media rights in eh future.

Commisso isn’t daft nor is he a major risk taker, although you would think he is to take that step, but it is one he is 100% committed to, and you only have to hear him talking about the team to see the sparkle in his eye.

He also wants to form a 10-team breakaway league, and that is something that is proving to be difficult, however he is gaining a lot of interest from other people in the soccer industry for that project, but it won’t be an easy road to go down, but if anyone can do it, it is he.

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