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April 21, 2018 April 21, 2018 David Nugent
Khan Vs Lo Greco Match

Today being the 21st of April 2018, manes that if you are a fan of Boxing, then you are going to be in for a few decisions regarding just which of the many boxing matches that are scheduled to take place during the evening.

There are plenty of them being shown in TV tonight too, so you are going to be able to book your seat on the sofa and get stuck into watching any of them, and you can of course place a bet on which matches and boxers you do fancy betting on.

One thing that I have sadly noticed about all the boxing matches being held tonight is that each of them do appear to have a red-hot favourite to win them, so if you are a favourite backer you are going to find some of the odds on the most fancied boxer being rather low and unappealing.

However, you are not only going to have the opportunity to back the boxer you think will win any match being held later tonight, but you will also find a range of different betting opportunities too, for you can bet on the method of victory for example at most betting and bookmakers sites and will also be able to bet on which round you think any of the two boxers in each match will win in too.

Below I have listed each of the boxing matches that will be on offer to you tonight depending on what TV Channels you do have access too and the odds on the outright betting markets on each of the boxers in those matches too.

Jonas and Benn Huge Odds-On to Win Their Respective Matches

The Jonas v Lhadji match does appear to be a very one-sided affair for the odds available on Jonas winning that match are 1/100, however if you somehow think the match will end in a draw then the odds available on that outcome are 33/1, and the odds of Lhadji winning are 16/1.

You are also going to find that the Benn v Truman match is going to possible not be worth betting on if you fancy the chances of Benn for his odds on winning that match are tiny at just 1/100, there is however some value on betting on the draw at the current odds of 33/1 or possibly having a small bet on Truman for his outright winner odds are generous at some 16/1.

The red-hot favourite to win the Mckenna v Upton match is Mckenna and his odds are around the 2/11 mark, with the draw being available at 25/1 and the win odds on Upton winning are currently 7/2, so if you do think Upton is going to win then there is certainly some value to be had on betting on him to do so.

If you are planning on watching the Cummings v Keeler match then be aware that Cummings is available to win at odds which are quite low of just 2/5, you can get odds on the draw of 20/ and Keller can be had at many betting sites and bookmakers site at odds of 2/1.

Four Additional Saturday Night Boxing Matches

The other four matches that will be being aired on different sports channels later tonight are all worth watching if you can do, the first one is the Tete v Narvaez match, it is Tete who is the very long odds on boxer on the betting markets to win that match with his odds currently being 1/50, so unless you bet very big you won’t make a huge profit betting on him if he does win, the draw odds for that bout at 33/1 and the odds on Narvaez winning are 14/1.

One match that is looking even and either boxer could win fi the betting markets are to be taken as a guide is the Dodd v Coyle match, for Dodd is on offer at odds of 4/5 you can get 20/1 about the draw and the odds of Cole winning are 11/10.

The Frampton v Donaire match sees Frampton’s win odds being 1/6, the draw odds being 25/1 and the odds of Donaire winning are 9/2, but if you want to bet on the Khan v Lo Greco match then the very best odds I have seen so far being offered on that match at Kahn at 1/16, the draw odds are 33/1 and the odds you will get on Lo Greco are around  9/1.

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