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February 6, 2018 February 6, 2018 Barbara Cohen

There are some quite large volumes of cash being placed by fans of NHL on this year’s Stanley Cup, for there are plenty of betting sites that are offering betting markets that will allow anyone with an interest in HNL to have a bet on the team they think will win the Stanley Cup this year.

As is always with the case with all Stanley Cup matches, any team could end up winning, and as such the odds are currently not too restrictive if you do fancy playing a bet.

With that in mind I will now give you an insight into the generally available odds on the Stanley Cup teams so you can make up your mind if you do fancy placing a bet on any of them to win it outright or not!

Tampa Bay Lightning are currently just about favourites to win the Stanley Cup in 2018 for their odds are 11/2, however they do have a lot of competition for top spot and as such you can get odds on Boston Bruins winning of 8/1, or if you prefer you can bet on the Nashville Predators, the Washington Capitals or the Vegas Golden Knights all of whom are available at odds of 10/1

You may however fancy placing a bet on the St Louis Blues or the Winnipeg Jets and if so their odds are both 12/1. A couple of other teams you could fancy placing a few bets and wagers on include both the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Toronto Maple Leafs who are available at 14/1.

Teams That Have a Reasonable Chance of Winning

There are some much higher valued odds currently available on all of the other teams taking part in the NHL Stanley Cup this year and some you may fancy betting in at those higher valued odds include the Los Angeles Kings at 16/1, Colorado Avalanche at 20/1 and also the Dallas Stars and the Columbus Blue Jackets who are also available at odds of 20/1.

I have not yet seen many betting sites that are going to allow you to place an each way or place type of bet on the Stanley Cup 2018 and as such you are going to have to make do with placing an outright winner bet.

A few additional teams that could tempt you into placing a bet today thanks to their rather high and tempting odds include Minnesota Wild, the San Jose Sharks the New Jersey Devils and the Anaheim Duck, all of those teams have outright wins odds attached to them of 25/1!

However, if you do want to try and get some even higher odds then consider pacing your bets and wagers at one of the many betting exchanges that are now available online, for you can ask for your own odds on any team and may just find a fellow punter who is prepared to give you those odds and lay your bet.

Teams with an Outside Chance of Winning the Stanley Cup

The rest of the teams that make up the Stanley Cup 2018 teams do have some rather high odds associated on them winning it outright, and as such you should only consider placing a bet on the following teams if you are an avid fan of these teams as looking at their respective odds the chances of them inning are very slim indeed!

There are five teams that currently all have odds of 33 to 1 on them winning the Stanley Cup outright and those teams are the Philadelphia Flyers, the New York Rangers the Calgary Flames the New York Islanders and also the Chicago Blackhawks.

If you fancy placing a bet on either the Edmonton Oilers or the Carolina Hurricanes then consider taking advantage of the 50 to 1 odds most if not all betting sites are offering on those two NHL teams.

The chances of Vancouver Canucks winning are very low, but then again at odds of 100 to 1 of them doing so I am sure a few punters may be prepared to put a small wager on them, for in NHL as has been proven time and time again anything is possible!

The four final teams that let’s be honest have virtually no chance of winning include the Florida Panthers and the Detroit Red Wings and also the Montreal Canadiens whose current in odds are 150 to 1 and also the Ottawa Senators who cannot possibly in if their 250 to 1 odds are anything to go by!

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