The Big Joshua v Parker Boxing Match and Betting Odds

March 26, 2018 March 26, 2018 David Nugent
Joshua v Parker

You must take a quick glance at the betting markets surrounding the up and coming Joshua v Parker boxing match, for by doing so you will then discover that Anthony Joshua is the long odds-on favourite to win that match, and you will not get rich betting on him if he then does go on to win.

For the outright win odds on him winning this match are 1 to 8, so for every $8 you get, if he does win, you will get your $8 back and $1 in winnings. Joseph Parker is of course available at large odds to win this match, and for reference those odds are 5 to 1, and the draw on the match ending in a draw are 33 to 1.

Many people are of the mind that it isn’t going to be a very long boxing match, and you can in fact place a bet on whether the match will go the distance, the odds on it doing so are high at 7 to 2, but the odds on it no going the distance and very short, being 1 to 6 on!

The only way you are going to get any value betting on this up and coming boxing match between Joshua and Parker will be by you placing one of the more exotic bets, and as such I will give you an insight into what those bets are below, so you can decide for yourself if any of them do appeal to you or not.

What Will the Method of Victory Be?

There may be some value to be had by you first deciding which boxer is going to win and then placing a bet on the method of victory that your chosen boxer will win by, and fi that is the type of bet that interests you be aware that for Joshua to win by a KO, TKO or Disqualification the current odds on that bet are 2/7, which are slightly better than the outright win odd.

However, if you think that Joshua is going to win on points then the odds on that being the outcome are 9 to 2.  But do always make a point of spending some time looking around and comparing what different betting sites are offering you via their respective betting markets.

The reason I advise you to do so is that there can be some slight or even significant differences regarding the odds you will be offered at different betting sites.

In fact, if you do come across a betting site that you have never bet at before, those sites are bound to have some form of welcome or sign up bonus up for grabs, and by becoming a new customer to those sites and then placing your Joshua v Parker bets at those sites you will be bale to take advantage of those promotional offers.

Joshua v Parker Round Betting

The best way to have a chance of getting some much higher odds on the Joshua v Parker match is by you looking around and then taking advantage of the odds available on the individual round betting markets, for there are some high odds on offer on those betting markets.

You will of course have to first decide which is going to be the round in which Joshua Parker will win in, and with a possible 12 of them to pick and choose from, that may take some time doing. However, the odds in order form the first round until the 12th round for him to win in are as follows.

Round 1 12/1, Round 2 11/1, Round 3 9/1, Round 4 8/1, Round 5 8/1,6 8/1, Round 7 9/1, Round 8 10/1v Round 9 12/1, Round 10 14/1, Round 11 16/1 and Round 12 20/1.

There are of course some much higher odds available on the round betting if you are of the mind that Joseph Parker is going to win this boxing match, and as such let me know give you a round by round overview of the odds that are on offer on him winning in each of those rounds.

For Joseph Park to win in Round 1 the odds are 80/1, Round 2 80/1, Round 3 80/1, Round 4 80/1, Round 5 66/1, Round 6 66/1, Round 7 66/1, Round 8 80/1,  Round9 80/1, Round 10 90/1, Round 11 100/1 but if you think that he is going to find in Round 12 the odds of 100/1 are there for the taking.

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