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April 17, 2018 April 17, 2018 David Nugent
NBA Playoffs

There are seven playoff NBA matches scheduled over the next three days and with that in mind to help you choose which teams are in with a chance of winning each of those matches, and to enlighten you on the odds that are on offer on each of those matches too below is an overview of each of them.

It is on the 18th of April 2018 that there are two matches scheduled the first of which is the Toronto Raptors v Washington Wizards      match, not regarding the team that is most likely to win that match it is the Toronto Raptors that have that honour.

However, their win odds are tiny as just 1/3, you can of course bet on the latter named team and if you do fancy doing so you will find odds of 9/4 are available on them.

You may however prefer to wait until later in the day to have a bet on any of the NBA playoff games, and if that is something you are thinking of doing then it will be the Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks match you will be betting on as that is the other match scheduled to take place tomorrow.

The favourite to win that match is the Boston Celtics team whose odds are 4/6, however they are only just favourites to win that match as their opponent’s odds are quite low too at some 5/4 but do shop around as different sportsbooks may just be offering you a different set of odds on that match.

NBA Play Off Games on the 19th of April 2018

One thing that you are going to discover about the NBA Playoff games that are taking place on the 19th of April 2018 is that there is a rick solid favourite team to win in each of those matches, so if you do fancy betting on the favourite you will find the odds are quite restrictive.

However, as some betting sites will allow you to place any number of NBA teams in an accumulator tpe of bet you may fancy placing a bet on each of those favourites and perming them all together in such a bet.

The first match of the day is of course the Cleveland Cavaliers v Indiana Pacers match and it is the Cleveland Cavaliers who are the odds-on favourite to win that match as their odds are 2/9 if you do fancy the chance of the Indian Pacers their odds are 10/3

The next match of the day is the Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz match and it is the first named team that are short odds to win that match and those odds for reference are 8/15 whilst the odds of their opponents are slightly higher at 6/4.

The final NAB playoff match taking place on the 19th of April 2018 is the Houston Rockets v Minnesota Timberwolves match, due to their current form the Houston Rockets odds are tiny at just 1/8 and their opponents odds are of course much higher at some 5/1.

NBA Playoff Matches on the 20th April 2018

Moving onto the final NBA playoff matches this week, well there are two matches and four teams taking apt in them which will all be played on the 20th of April 2018.

The first match starting will be the Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers game, however this is a very close match on all betting markets for the first names team is on offer at odds of 21/20 and their opponents are not on offer at much higher odds either for their odds are just, so any of those two teams are in with a chance of winning it would appear!

The final match is the San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors game, the former named team are the slight outsiders to win for their odds are 7/5 and their opponents are slight favourites for their odds are 4/7.

As I have mentioned above it will be the total volume off wagers and bets that are placed on each team that will ultimately determine the odds being offered to you are each different sportsbook or betting site.

Therefore, if you do want to ensure that you do get the best possible odds and money lines then set aside a little bit of time to compare the odds available to you at various different sportsbooks and betting site is my advice as the odds can and will vary at each of them!

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