This Weeks Premier League Darts Matches

April 22, 2018 April 23, 2018 Claire Aleman
Premier Darts League 2018

It is later this week on the 26th of April that the next set of matches are being played in the Dart Premier League, and that does of course mean that you will have a plethora of different betting opportunities available to you if you are a fan of the sport, and of any one dart player.

You will also find that as the clock in now ticking on the final games in the league, you are also going to be able to place a bet on just which player you think is going to win the league, and all the major betting sites and bookmakers will be offering you odds on the outright winner too.

What does always appeal to fans of darts who also enjoy placing a few well thought out bets and wagers during the season, is that there can be some unexpected results, and even though your fancied player may be available at long odds to win a match, it doesn’t mean he won’t.

Therefore, today I am going to be giving you an insight into both the betting markets available on the upcoming matches this week, but below I will also be looking at the Premier League Darts outright betting market too.

Just keep in mind that the outright betting markets is going to be affected by the results on the dart matches being plated on the 26th of April 2018, and as such the sooner you place your bets on any of the players in that betting market, the sooner you will be assured of taking their current odds, as all of them will change after those sets of matches have been played of course.

26 April 2018 Individual Darts Matches

The first match that is scheduled to be played on the 26th of April 2018 is the 19:15 Wright v Smith and Wright is on offer at odds of 11/10 you can bet on the draw at 10/3 and the odds of Smith winning are 7/4.

The next match that day starts at 19:50 and that is the Gurney v Van Gerwen match in which Gurney is on offer at odds of 6/1 the draw is available at odds of 5/1 and you can also bey on Van Gerwen at odds of 3/10.

Moving onto the 20:30  match that is the Whitlock v Anderson match and it does appear that Whitlock has very little chance of winning it as his odds are 13/2, it probably won’t end in a draw either in fact the draw odds are high at 5/1 and the odds of Anderson winning are 3/10.

The next match is the 21:10 match which you will find Van Barneveld is the outsider to win at odds of 12/5, the draw is 7/2 and Cross is the favourite to win at odds of 4/5.

The final match of the day is the 21:50 match which sees Smith taking on Van Gerwen, there is some value to be had if you fancy the chances of Smith whose odds are 11/2, the draw is on offer at many betting sites at odds of 5/1 and it is Van Gerwen who is favourite to win that match at odds of 1/3.

Outright Betting Market

If you have been tempted to place a bet on the darts player who you think is going to be the outright winner of the Premier Darts League, then as I have mentioned up above you need to act quickly, as  the odds I am about to present to you will be changing once this weeks matches have been played.

Van Gerwen, Michael does appear to be the one player that most people think is going to be crowned the champion and his odds of just 4/7 does reflect his chances of winning the league this year.

Anderson, Gary is the second favourite, but that all could change this week if you are tempted to place a bet on him then make sure you take his current odds of 4/1, but also be aware that Cross, Rob is not far behind him in the betting markets at odds of 9/21

A small number of people still think that Smith, Michael could win and his odds are currently 14/1, but it is very true to say the rest of the players have very little chances of winning if their odds are reflective of their chances and those players include Gurney, Daryl, Van Barneveld, Raymond and Wright, Peter who are all currently 50/1 and the total outside is Whitlock, Simon who can be had at huge odds of 200/1!

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