Today’s Football Matches and the Best Betting Odds

May 13, 2018 May 13, 2018 Craig Anthony
Today's Football Matches

There are plenty of football matches that are kicking off today, and if you are interested in watching them and have a bet on any of them I will now give you an insight into the starting times of each match, which two teams are playing each other, and of course will be letting you the odds on a home win and away win or a draw.

When it comes to picking out the best football bets and wagers from any of today’s major league football matches, then you will always be best advised to pick out the betting sites at which to place your wagers tat, that will be given you the best odds.

Therefore, spend just as much time trying to select the winning teams playing football today, as you do comparing the odds available at different betting sites as that way you will always be able to secure the very highest valued odds on the best you do decide to play online or via your mobile device.

There are three matches that are going to be kicking off today at 12:30 the first being the Celtic v Aberdeen match the home team are 2/5 to win you can get 10/3 on the draw and the away teams odds are currently 7/1.

If you want to bet on the Hibernian v Rangers match that kicks off at the same time the home teams odds are 6/4 the draw is on offer at 12/5 and the away teams odds are 17/10, The third match that is kicking off at 12:30 today is the Kilmarnock v Hearts match on which the home teams are 9/10 the draw is on offer at odds of 12/5         and the away teams odds are 16/5.

Today’s Mid-Afternoon Football Matches

You are of course also going to find a plethora of mid-afternoon football matches that will be kicking off today and with that in mind let me now point out to you which matches they are, the following matches all kick off at 15:00, but do make sure that you place any bets you do fancy placing well in time for the kick off!

You may be interested in betting on the Burnley v Afc Bournemouth match that is kicking off this afternoon and if so the odd you will find generally on offer on a home team win are 13/10 you should find it easy enough to get dear odds of 5/2 and the odds available on the away team are 9/4.

Another betting opportunity on a match that is kicking off this afternoon is on the Crystal Palace v West Bromwich Albion match and the win odds for the home team are 5/6 you will find it easy enough to get odds of 14/5 on the draw and the away teams odds are 18/5.

There are bound to be some big bets placed today on the Manchester United v Watford match, however you will of course need to bet big on the home team to get a large pay-out for their odds are very low being just 2/5, if you think the game will end in a draw then mope up the current odds of 4/1 and the odds on the away team are huge at 15/2!

Plenty of Other Football Matches Scheduled Today

You may be best advised to perm together in a double, treble or even an accumulator type of bet any of the following and above teams, as that way if each of your chosen ones win you will get some much higher valued winning pay-outs than you ever would betting on them individually!

You may just be tempted to place a bet on the Liverpool v Brighton & Hove Albion match, but you will not secure very high odds on the home team for they are just 1/5 to win this match, the draw looks a little bit more tempting at odds of 13/2 as do the away teams win odds, those being a whopping 16/1!

It does look like the Newcastle United v Chelsea match is going to be a very one-sided affair today, for the home team are on offer at odds of 9/2 you can get odds of 31/10 on the draw and the away teams odds are currently around the 4/6 mark.

If you are planning on having a bet today then also keep in mind there are plenty of additional bet and wager types that you can place, some of which will be offering much higher odds than an outright winner bet!

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