Today’s MLB Pre-Season Games

March 10, 2018 March 10, 2018 David Nugent
MLB Pre-Season Matches

Well, it’s that time of the year when there are plenty of pre-season MLB games scheduled, and if you are planning on having a few small bets and wagers here and there you will of course need to know what matches are scheduled today and tomorrow.

As such I will now give you a quick run through to days matches and will also let you know the one pre-season MLB match that is scheduled for tomorrow 11th March 2018

The Houston Astros v Washington Nationals match is going to be a tricky one to pick the winner of for the home team are 4/6 to win and the away team is 5/4, so take some time pondering over just which team you do fancy placing a bet on as it could be a close match.

Another very close match is the Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox match and the home team can currently be had at odds of 10/11 and the away team are in with just as much chance of winning and their odds are 10/11.

You may be best off selecting the home team to win the New York Yankees v New York Mets match for there are some large amounts of cash being placed on that team to win and as such their odds do reflect that with them being 4/7 but you may think the away team can win and if so their odds are 7/5.

Will Philadelphia Phillies or Tampa Bay Rays Win

You will probably be also interested in having some bets on some of the other teams that are playing later in the day today, and if so then so consider putting a bet on the Philadelphia Phillies v Tampa Bay Rays match for the home team are available and on offer at 8/11and the home team may be worth betting on due to their slightly better odds of 11/10.

The St. Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins match may be a slightly one-way match if the betting markets are to be believed for the home team are on offer at odds of 8/15 whilst the odds of the away team are 6/4.

I do have a sneaking suspicion that the Toronto Blue Jays are going to win their match against the Detroit Tigers, however their odds are 4/6 which do reflect their chance of winning but then again if you do fancy the away team to win you can currently bag odds of 5/4 at most betting sites.

Later on in the day the Milwaukee Brewers v Colorado Rockies match is sure to be of interest to fans of both team and if you want to place a bet on the home team winning the generally available odds on them doing so are 4/5 and the away teams odds are 21/20.

Other Pre-Season MLB Matches

A few additional matches that you may fancy watching and possibly betting on too include the Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics there is however not much separating both teams on the betting markets for the home team are currently on offer at 5/6 whilst the odds of the away team are even money.

There are still a couple of other MLB matches that are taking place tonight and they include the Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals that match is likely to be a very close one with the home team being 7/10 and the home team’s odds are 23/20.

The last match of the day is the San Diego Padres v Cleveland Indians match and if you are interested in betting on it you will find the home team are on offer at 21/20 and the away teams odds are 4/5.

There is a match being held today in the USA but tomorrow on UK and European time and that is the Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners match so if you do want one final match to bet on then be aware the home teams odds are 4/5 and the away teams odds are 21/20.

One final thing to consider if you want to try and lock in some even greater betting value us to pace a bet at one of the many betting exchanges as opposed to a standard online betting site or bookmakers website, for you can ask for your own odds at those peer to peer betting exchange sites and therefore can get some higher odds, in fact you can lay odds from other punters too on any and all MLB pre-season matches.

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