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February 23, 2018 February 23, 2018 Barbara Cohen

The tension and suspense is certainly mounting in this year’s Snooker World Grand Prix, and today there are three matches scheduled to take place.

Whilst it is very true to say that all of the matches so far played have been a fine display of snooker at its very best, it has to be the match in which  Ronnie O’Sullivan achieved four centuries against Xiao Guodong that has been, so far, one of the best matched played.

Whilst Xiao Guodong is showing some amazing talent at the table, there is no substitute for experience, and being still a teenager, but one with some unbelievable skills, most eyes will be on Ronnie O’Sullivan for the remaining matches in this tournament, for he really is playing out of his skin at the moment and bang up to his very best form too.

There are three matches taking place today and to give you an idea of which of them are attracting the highest volumes of wagers in the betting markets and to give you some idea of just what odds are available on all six players in those three matches, below you will find an overview of those matches and odds.

Be aware that as soon as any of the following Grand Prix Snooker matches start, you are going to be able to make use of the in-play betting markets at many betting sites.

Junhui Ding versus A McGill

The Junhui Ding versus A McGill match is all scheduled to start at 13:00 today, and it would appear based on his current form that Junhui Ding does have the upper hand in this match, and that is also something you will discover when you take a look at his odds of winning that match too.

If you do fancy getting a bet placed on Junhui Ding nice and early then be aware his odds of winning this match are 4/9, however you may of course fancy the chances of A McGill who could manage to beat him if everything goes as he plans, and his win odds for this match are rock solid at 7/4.

In regards to whether A McGill has the skill regards to beat Junhui Ding, who it does have to be said is making mincemeat of the opposition in this tournament, does of course remain to be seen, but it will certainly be an exciting match to watch later this afternoon.

M White versus M Selby

Many people and fans of snooker have a sneaking suspicion that M Selby is going to take the trophy this year, and one person who can stop him doing so if of course M White, and the pair of them are taking to the table at 13:00 this afternoon.

I doubt you are going to be tempted to place a bet on Selby even though he is the red hot favourite to win this match, for his current odds of winning this match are somewhat restrictive at 1/3, but having said that there are many punters who are mopping up those odds and looking at him as a sure-fire way to increase their bankroll today.

However, as history has proven time and time again in this tournament, the underdog in any match should never be underestimated, and as such if you do fancy the chances of White winning then you should take advantage of his current odds those generally being available at plenty of betting sites, that being at odds of 12/5.

R O’Sullivan versus S Maguire

If there is just one snooker match you have time to watch today, then you should be booking your place on the sofa at 19:00 tonight, for that is of course when the O’Sullivan versus Maguire match is scheduled to start.

The odds on this match are of course terribly one sided for the outsider to win is Maguire, and his chances of winning this match are reflected by his win odds those being 3/1.

However, if you are convinced that O’Sullivan is going to take this match in his stride and win then you will be rewarded with odds of 1/4, which when everything is taken into account, though tiny odds they are quite fair and reasonable.

Do however consider placing one of the more exotic types of bets on this match if you are seeking some value and a touch more excitement as you watch it, for there are plenty of other bets than a simple to win outright winner type of bet that all online and mobile betting sites will be offering you.

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