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January 12, 2018 January 12, 2018 Craig Anthony

If there is one Golf tournament that any avid fan of the sport is religiously going to watch, it is of course the US Masters, and as the date of that tournament and its final is fast approaching, today is the day I take a look at the easily betting markets that have just gone live.

If you are the type of sports fan who has been known to place a bet on their favourite players, and if you are intending to watch the US Masters this year, either in person at the Golf course or sat in your favourite armchair back at home, then please do read on!

Below I am going to take a quick run through of the current early betting odds that you are going to have the opportunity of taking right now at a range of different betting sites, in regards to the player you think is going to the win US Masters outright.

There are of course more than enough Golfers involved in that tournament, much like every year there is, however by making the very wise decision of placing your bets nice and early you can often secure some very generous odds by placing your bets in advance of the tournament starting in earnest!

Shopping around and comparing the odds on offer at several different betting sites is something I would urge you to do as by doing so you will then ensure that you are getting the highest possible odds available on your chosen Golfers!

Betting on the US Masters 2018

You cannot escape the fact that some Golfers do have some very generous odds currently attached to them on winning the US Masters 2018, and you may be considering placing something of a speculate bet on one or more of them to secure those high valued odds.

So with that in mind let me now give you a run through of the odds you can currently secure on some of the players who the betting markets do indicate have a good chance of winning and those that have an outside chance of winning.

The favourite to win is of course Spieth, Jordan and his odds are 6/1, however for some much higher odds consider betting on Woodland, Gary whose odds are 100/1 or even Bradley, Keegan who only has a slight chance of winning if his odds of 250/1 are to be taken at face value!

The second favourite to win is Johnson, Dustin at odds of 8/1, or if you are looking for an outside then consider Holmes, JB at 100/1 or even Swafford, Hudson whose odds are enormous currently at a whopping 250/1!

You may however be of the mind that Mcilroy, Rory is going to win, and if so you are not alone in that thought for he is another favourite to win this tournament and his odds are 8/1!

A few other Golfers that are having some small and modest amounts placed on them by punters include Hoffman, Charley at 100/1 and Wood, Chris at 250/1, and keep your eyes on Day, Jason as his odds give him a good chance of winning and those odds are 12/1.

Placing Golf Bets Legally

It is always dependent on where you live as to whether you are legally going to be able to place a golf bet in any sport betting venues nearby where you live or online or when using a mobile betting app.

Placing a bet of any type somewhere that isn’t licensed or regulated does pose too many risks for punters, and as such you are strongly advised to make sure anywhere you do choose to place a bet at is licensed, and in your own home country of residence.

There are however some betting sites that may not be licensed in the country in which you live, and as long as you are old enough to bet at those sites and those betting sites hold a gaming license in a country that does have some fair strict gambling laws and regulates such sites strictly you should never put your bankroll at risk betting at such sites.

Too many sports fans however are distracted by huge odds or massive betting bonuses when they go looking for a betting site at which to sign up to and bet at. However, if you do the same and just sign up to the very first one you come across you may experience lots of problems, one of which the betting site may not pay you out, even if you do win!

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