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January 3, 2018 January 3, 2018 David Nugent

The world of virtual betting is one that is going to see you being able to place bets on a huge and very diverse range of different sporting events, none of which are playing out in the real world, but all of which are certified as being fair and random!

A virtual Boxing match is one that uses computer graphics and animations that will show two boxers battling it out in a cyber boxing ring, and the outcome of the match is determined by a random number generator.

You will be able to bet on several different potential outcomes on the virtual Boxing match, and will of course be able to pick a range of different stake levels that allow for both low stake and high stake players to be able to comfortably afford to bet on these very unique sporting events.

They are going to be available at many different betting sites, and once you have placed your bet you can then sit back and watch the match play out in front of you on your computer screen.

Each virtual Boxing match lasts just 90 seconds, so you are going to find they are quite fast playing virtual betting events, and below I will give you an insight into the many different types of bets and wagers you can place on them.

The games are certified as being completely fair and random as mentioned above, so you are going to be able to place your bets and wagers safe in the knowledge each game does have a fair outcome as determined by the random number generator.

Types of Virtual Boxing Bets Available

The first type of virtual Boxing bet you can place online is one that will see you trying to guess just how long the match will last.

The options available will be in ten second spreads and as such if you think the match will last let’s say for example around 25 seconds then you will need to place a bet on the 20 – 29 second spread, and as long as the match does last from 20 to 29 seconds, then you will be a winner.

You will also find several over and under type bets, and when placing this type of bet you simply need to predict whether the match will last for less or more than the seconds indicated on the under/over bet.

There are going to be three possible outcomes to a virtual Boxing match and they are that the referee could stop the match, once boxer could be counted out for the match may last for the full 90 seconds.

If you are looking for a slightly more exciting bet then you can place a bet on which you have to correctly predict both the method of victory of the match along with how long the match will last.

In regards to the length of time in seconds the match will last is split up into 10 minutes spreads by the way, so you don’t have to predict the exact second the match will last!

Best Way to Bet on Virtual Boxing Matches

As a random number generator is used to determine the outcome of each virtual boxing match, the result is of course fair, but also obviously completely random too.

However, you could look at these types of games as a very advanced and slightly more entertaining and exciting raffle, and as such it will be the odds that each betting opportunity has attached to them that will determine just how many tickets those outcomes have in each draw.

So the betting opportunities that do have the lowest odds with them do have a greater chance of being the one the random number generator picks, however any of the outcomes could be the one chosen by the RNG.

As any of the outcomes could therefore be the one selected you should not become too obsessed with placing your money on the lowest paying one, as you could find that some of the mid ranged betting opportunities or even those that are complete outsider in regards to their odds could be the one selected.

Bonuses can often be available to players of virtual Boxing matches and other virtual games, so do consider claiming and then using such bonuses to give you even more value from your bankroll. But the terms and conditions on any bonuses are going to determine the true value of any such bonus, so always do read them through!

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