Volvo Cars Open Semi-Finals 2018

April 7, 2018 April 7, 2018 Barbara Cohen
Volvo Cars Open 2018

Today being the 7th of April 2018, that does of course mean that later today we are going to see the semi-finals of the Volvo Cars Open of 2018, and there are still plenty of betting opportunities available to you if you want to try your luck.

There are of course just four people left in this even and below I will be giving you an insight into their respective odds of winning the two events that are scheduled to take place today.

Whilst you will find plenty of additional bets that you may be interested in placing on any of the people named below, it is often the person you fancy winning each event that you are much more likely to wish to place a bet on.

What I have noticed however, is that all four people who are paired up today, are by no stretch of the imagination a red hot favourite, so if you do have a feeling one person is going to win their pairings then make sur you take advantage of the odds displayed below, that many betting sites will be offering you.

It will be at 18:00 that we see the Goerges, J v Sevastova, event and the odds-on offer on Georges winning are 4/5 and her opponent’s odds are even money.

One hour later at 19:00 it will be the Bertens, K v Keys, M event that is scheduled to start and Bertens is on offer at odds of even money and the odds of Keys are 4/5.

Tournament Outright Win Odds

With just four people still in this tournament, you may have one of them in mind to win, and if so then now is the time for you to get you bet placed, for after todays events have been played out the odds on the last remaining two people in the tournament will of course drop.

Regarding who most people are betting on in the Volvo Cars Open 2018 that honour if you can call in an honour goes to Keys, Madison and that players odds of winning, if you do get your bets placed quickly are quite generous at 7/4.

The other people left in this tournament are on offer and available at slightly better odds and those include Sevastova, Anastasija who you will find available at most betting sites at odds of 11/4.

Also on offer at 11/4 at most betting sites is Goerges, Julia and the odds on that player are going to appeal to a number of ports bettors for obviously they are also 11/4.

Moving onto the very last player left in this tournament that is of course Bertens, Kiki and that player is the somewhat outsider to win with odds of 4/1 of doing so, however when you take into account the odds of the other players you an see there is not much between them regarding their respective odds and all of them do have a very fair chance of winning this event.

Grab Value on a Betting Exchange

You may prefer betting with bookmakers and betting sites, but what you do need to be fully aware of if you are new to the online betting environment, is that you are going to come across a plethora od different ways to bet.

One of those ways is by you making use of the betting exchanges that are available to sports bettors all over the world, and the main difference between a betting site and a betting change is that you are placing your bets and wagers against other sports bettors.

So you can choose to place a bet on any player or team you fancy to win or if you prefer you can lay a bet placed by another sports bettor and if that sports bettors bet loses you keep their stake money but if they win you pay the out at the odds you offered.

There is a small house commission you have to pay to make use of a betting exchange, but that commission is only paid by the sports bettors who win their bets, and the one main attraction of betting changes is that as they are peer to peer betting platforms you will often find that the odd you are offering are much more generous, and you will also be bale to ask for the odds you want and if any sports bettor wants to give you those odds then you will be getting even greater betting value!

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