Who Will Win the County Championship Cricket Division 1 Title?

May 27, 2018 May 27, 2018 David Nugent
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You currently can take advantage of the early prices on the outright betting markets regarding who you think is going to win the County Championship Division 1 title, and there are two types of bets you can place on any type you think is going to win that title!

The first is by you placing an each-way bet as they are known, and such a bet is a two-part bet with one part covering your chosen team to win, and if they do you are paid out at the stake money you wagered multiplied by the win odds you took when placing that bet.

The second part of that bet will cover your team finishing in first, second or third place at the end of the season and if your team does then that part of the bet is paid out at one fifth of the odds.

But do shop around as different betting sites can and do offer different percentage odds on the place part of such a bet and may pay to a different number of places too.

The other bet you can play is just a simple outright winner bet and by placing such a bet once the season is over and the winner is known then if that team is the one you backed you are paid out at the odds you took when pacing that bet regarding the stakes you wagered

Outright Winner Odds

The current favourite to win at this very early stage is Surrey and whilst ta their current odds of 3/1 there is not true or real value to be had betting on them each-way it may be worth betting on them to win this division.

Nottinghamshire are currently the second favourite to win and if you think their chances of winning are high then once again a straight forward outright winner bet is the one you should place as their odds are currently 7/2.

Somerset do also have a fair and very reasonable chance of winning the title and if you are convinced that they are going to do so then grab their odds of 4/1 that most betting sites are offering.

Essex are not pencilled in on the betting markets as the fourth favourites to win and their odds of doing so are currently 5/1, but there is always the chance that Yorkshire could find their form this season and if that is something you think that they are going to do then the current odds of 7/1 do look generous.

Lancashire are a team that always do attract a lot of money from avid fans and their odds of winning are currently very generous at 7/1, Hampshire can be had at most betting sites at odds of 9/1 and they may be worth betting one.

Worcestershire it would appear have no chances what so ever of winning if you take their current odds at face value and those odds for reference are high at 100/1!

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