Whyte v Browne Boxing Betting Update

March 24, 2018 March 24, 2018 David Nugent
Browne versus Whyte Betting

You are going to have to get your bets placed quickly, if you do want to have a financial interest in the up and coming bout between Whyte and Browne, for the clock is ticking.

You may be of the mind that Whyte is going to win, and you will not be alone in thinking such, for he is currently the red-hot favourite to win this boxing match, and you will be hard pressed to find odds higher than around 2/7 on him winning.

However, there is always the chance that his opponent Lucas Browne could win, and I would never put you on betting on him, in fact at the time of compiling this news story his odds were 11/4 so there is some value to be had if you do think he will win.

The match could, however impossible you think it will, end in a draw, and if that is a betting proposition you think could happen then you will find odds of around 25/1 on the Whyte versus Browne bout ending in a draw.

But what does make betting online appealing, to anyone who does enjoy betting of any boxing matches, is that there are plenty of additional betting opportunities available to you, and with that in mind below I shall give you an insight into some of the much more adventurous betting opportunities that will be on offer to you on this boxing match, so do read on to find out what they are.

Method of Victory

You can of course also bet on the method of victory that you think either boxer is going to win by and as such if you think that Dillian Whyte will win by a Ko, Tko or Disqualification then the odds on that being the outcome and method of victory are 9/4.

If, however you think that Dillian Whyte will win this match on Points then it will be worth taking advantage of the what do appear to be quite generous odd son that being the outcome which for reference are 11/10 at most betting sites and bookmakers sites too.

There is of course that the method of victory for Lucas Browne winning would be either a Ko, Tko or Disqualification                , and if that is something you are convinced is going to be the likely outcome of this boxing match then the odds on it being so are 9/2.

Points could method of victory that Lucas Browne wins this match and there is no getting away from the fact that you could pick out some sizeable winning pay-outs if you do bet on that outcome and it is the one the match is determined by for the current odds available on that betting opportunity are 6/1.

The odds that are on offer on the Draw being the outcome of this boxing match are the same as on the outright betting market and as such you will find those odds are 25/1.

Round Betting

You may have something of an exciting viewing experience if you choose to place a bet on any of the round betting opportunities that most betting sites are offering on this boing match, and I will now rattle through all the round betting opportunities and their respective odds on both boxers.

If you want to place a bet on Dillian Whyte winning in Round 1then the odds of him doing so are 50/1m the odds on him winning in Round 2 are 40/1, Round 3 odds are 33/1, Round 4 odds are 28/1, Round 5 odds are 25/1, Round 6 odds are 25/1, Round 7 odds are 25/1, Round 8 odds are 25/1, Round 9 odds are 25/1, Round 10 odds are 25/1, Round 11 odds are 28/1 and the Round 12 odds are 33/1.

If you wish instead to place a bet in Lucas Browne in Round 1 the odds on him doing so are 80/1, Round 2 the odds are 66/1, the other odds for each round are as follows, Round3 the odds are 50/1, Round 4 the odds are 40/1, Round 5 the odds are 33/1, and in Round 6 the odds are 33/1.

The betting odds on Lucas Browne winning his match in Round 7 the odds are 33/1, Round 8 the odds are 33/1, Round 9 the odds are 33/1, Round 10 the odds are 33/1, Round 11 the odds are 40/1 and for Lucas Browne to win in Round 12 the odds are 50/1.

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