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We truly believe that everybody has the right to complete privacy when online, and as part of our general terms and conditions we have included the following privacy policy.

You are advised to read through this privacy policy and familiarize yourself with it, as it does as mentioned above make up our terms and conditions which you agree to abide by when using and visiting this website.

We are going to maintain and protect your right to privacy when using and visiting our website to the best of our ability, and all of the personal information that you may provide us with will of course be completely safeguarded using the very latest protocols to allow us to do so.

If you do not understand any of the information contained within this privacy policy then you can of course seek clarification by contacting us, and our contact information can be found on the Contact Us page that is linked into each page of this website.

If at any time we choose to make any type of amendments to this Privacy Policy then we will update it as required and will also date stamp the changes. The current date stamp can be found at the foot of this Privacy Policy and that is when it was last updated and changed.

Consent to Privacy Policy

Please be fully aware that when both visiting and using this website, you are agreeing to the terms that have been set out in this Privacy Policy.

We do of course reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and at short notice, and any and all changes within this  Privacy Policy will be updated in regards to last updated wording that you are going to fin located right at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

Therefore it does go without saying that is you amend in any way shape or form this Privacy Policy you will be either by the date stamp below or we may also email you or let you know it has changed in any other method and way that is applicable by law.

It should be noted that we could apply changes to information that has been collected by us at any time in the past, as required permitted by law.

If you not wish to be bound by the terms of the new or modified Privacy Policy then you will be required to contact us and immediately notify us that you would like all of your personal information stored by us to be deleted.

By continuing to use and visit our website however that will be deemed to be an agreement by you that you fully agree to abide and are happy with our Privacy Policy as set out below and above.

The main aim of us presenting to you this Privacy Policy is so that you are going to be fully able to discover how we collect and then store and use as well as safeguard any and all of the personal information that you have given us access to.

Personal Information Collected

In this following section of our Privacy Policy we are going to be taking a look at just what personal information can be collected and stored and possibly used by us. With that in mind please do read on to ensure you are fully aware of that.

Personal Information Collected

If at any time you choose to sign up as a user of this website for one or more different reasons then you are going to need to have to provide us with a username, along with your address and you will be required to think of a password too.

Occasionally we may also require you to provide us with additional personal information which could be your full names, your date of birthday, your country of residence and any social media account you may have too.

We may use that information to allow us to confirm your identity to any third part companies or business which whom we do business and to offer a range of additional services too.

We also use that information for both statistical analysis and research and it also may be used to allow us to increase our research and development of this website and also to showcase to you any relevant marketing information too.

We also will use that information to allow us to perform data analysis and if required it will allow us to comply with licensing and regulatory requirements.

Please be aware that we may be required to disclose your personal information if at any time we have been required to do so by law or by regulatory authority. That ensures we are fully bale to comply with any law or comply with legal process served on us and to also allow us to be able to fully to protect and defend our rights or property;

That personal information may also be disclosed to any third parties who provide services to us or on our behalf r in the future is any third party purchases our business.

Also be aware that you personal information could possibly be processed by us, and any other members of our group, and/or any of our affiliates or agents and third parties providing services to us, and that could be in any jurisdiction and we will use all reasonable commercial efforts to comply with the terms of any data protection laws applicable at all times.

If we need to use your name for any purpose then we will only do so with your consent, unless otherwise required by law. Therefore if you do decide to sign up for any of our services or as a user of this website that you provide accurate and up to date information at all times, and let if know if that information changes at any time in the future.

Collection of Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Be aware that we do use cookies upon and throughout this website, if you are unaware of what a cookie actually is, then it is a small text document that allow us to identify a user but not personally who has visited this website.

That cookie is going to be placed on your hard drive, even after you have closed your browser, but it is something that you can remove at any time of your own choosing if you so desire.

However, if you do re-visit this website having removed that cookie a new one will be placed onto your hard drive and if you retained the previous cookie then it will be updated.

The only reason that cookie is placed onto your computer is to allow us to present to you information that you are seeking, and to allow us to identify that you have previously visited our website before.

Please do also be aware that or servers have been designed in such a way that they are also going to collect information about your IP Address, and when you request pages from our website our servers and systems will record your IP Address too.

Our systems and servers may also record which pages you were referred to our website from and the type of web browser, computer, platform, related software and settings you are using to visit our website using.

Plus, it will record and log any search terms you have entered on this website. Be fully aware that you IP address can also be used for moderation purposes, or to also allow us to limit the creation of multiple accounts and also for spam prevention purposes.

Exclusive Offers Privacy Terms

If you choose to enter or take part in any of our exclusive promotional offers which may also include any type of competitions then you will be required to also provide us with some personal information.

Be aware that the information we will ask you for will be used for a range of different purposes namely to enable us to nitrify you, send out any offers or prizes to your email address or your physical address.

If those offers or competitions are being offered by any third party companies then be aware that we may be required to share your personal information with those third party companies, and by providing us with that information you are happy for your information to be used and shared in that way.


At all times we will do our upmost to protect your confidentiality and we will use any information you have provided us with solely for the purposes in which it was provided to us for.

You do of course need to do your part by which we mean ensure that any lose in information you use to access our site is stored securely and safely and does not become available to anyone else.

Just be aware that no matter how many different security protocols are used by us to protect your personal information no method of transmission and the storage of that information is 100% secure.

Third Party Websites and Links

To enable you to get a fully rounded experience when visiting our website and to also allow you to be able to checkout additional websites that we think will also be of interest to you, we have links to many different third party websites located throughout this website.

Be aware that obviously being third party websites we cannot be held responsible for any content, images or services that are being offered by any third party company we have links to.

Therefore if and when you do decide to visit any third party website that we have links to within this website or may mention on this website you should always checkout those sites terms and conditions and their respective privacy policies too.

Date Stamp: This page as last updated on the 28th of November 2017